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26 August 2009 @ 04:37 pm
Round 007  
We have a brand new layout, I thought it was time for a change considering it has been the same for 8 months now.

Let's begin round 007.

If you haven't already read the rules, then please take a look at them over here, then begin submitting your nominations.

Please tag your post with the tag "round 007 nominations".

Here are the categories for this round:

Best Use of Cropping
Best Use of Colour
Best Black and White Icon
Best Complex Icon
Best Textless Icon
Best Use of Text
Best Witty Icon
Best Emotional Icon
Best Actor/Actress Icon
Best Couple/Shipper Icon

Special Category for this round:
Best Supernatural Icon
** You do not have to nominate icons under this category. Any Supernatural icons nominated in your post will be automatically entered in this category. However, if you would like to nominate up to 3 extra icons into this category, then feel free.

The winning icons will be entered into a poll for the Best Overall Icon after the competition has completed.

The round will close in four weeks time (Tuesday 23rd September) at 12:00 GMT, then voting and voting rules will be posted later that day.

Any questions about this round or the categories can be left in a comment in this post, but hopefully everything is straight forward.

Happy nominating everyone.